Cryolock® is FDA 510(k) Cleared, CE Mark and Health Canada Approved.

Vitrification is a technology that continues to gain popularity, not only for egg freezing, but embryo cryopreservation as well. This is where CryoLock®, a useful and practical tool, makes the vitrification process more comfortable and efficient; it has been designed and developed for use in either human or animal IVF Labs and research centers. 

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To learn how to use Crylock, please download our instructions manual.

Intended Use:

Cryolock® is a Cryopreservation Storage device that is intended for use in vitrification procedures to contain and maintain human 1-cell stage embryos. In non-US countries: for Oocytes and/or Embryos.

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Cryolock®, is a square shape stick, with four flat surfaces. Both, The Cap and Body possess the same coefficient of expansion ensuring an equally secure coupling at room temperature as well as low cryogenic temperatures.

Body and cap have gaps on their extremes, which allow easy grip with forceps during manipulation.


Cryolock® components, body and cap are made of Polystyrene medical grade plastic, which facilitates even temperature conduction from side to side of the device.

CryoLock® and its secure cap were designed in order to ensure maximum safety of the specimens during storage. Cryolocks are available in sterile and sealed vials of 5 Cryolock units, ready to use in human and animal research laboratories.

CryoLock® features are:

  1. Manufactured in a single piece and plastic injection between 180ºC and 260ºC avoiding contamination and presence of impurities.
  2. Slots at the ends of the CryoLock® body and cap for better manipulation avoid the risk of loose caps during their storage.
  3. Exclusive cap design for a perfect fit at room and freezing temperatures.
  4. Ample surface for labeling facilitates sample identification.
  5. Available on vials of five  CryoLock® units duly sterilized by gamma radiation.

Cryolock® Tip

Its concave tip, where the oocytes or embryos are placed, provides protection to the sample against contact with other surfaces, avoiding loss or damage of specimens.

Cryolock® Closure System

cryolockclosureIts unique design allows an hermetic seal which is created by a tapered surface, long enough, where Cryolock body and cap fit in a perfect seal creating a closure system able to keep the tip isolated from LN2 once the Cryolock is submerged into the LN2.

While Cryolock is under LN2 the cap shrinks over the sealing area due to the low temperarures, reason why, while specimens are stored, LNcannot recirculate inside the cap towards the tip or vice versa.

When Cryolock is used as a Semi-Closed System, the ONLY time specimens are in direct contact with LN2 is  during capping step under LN2. In this case is recommended to use individual batches of LN2 for patient in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination during cryopreservation procedures.

When Cryolock is used as a Closed System, Specimens are never in direct contact with LN2, avoiding the risk of cross-contamination during cryopreservation procedures and storage conditions.


Cryolock is FDA 510(k) Cleared, CE Mark Approved and Health Canada Approved.

Mouth Piece

Mouth Pieces

Mouth pieces are small plastic adaptors used for manipulation of specimens with a hose and a pippette for a precise control of media and specimens when manipulating them under microscope view.

Available on boxes of 100 units, not sterilized.